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Instructions to administer Epistatus

If you have any questions, or would like any information that is not provided on this website, please talk to your doctor or healthcare professional.

Instructions to administer Epistatus

Epistatus is for oromucosal (“buccal”) use only, and must only be used in the mouth. It should be administered directly from the pre-filled buccal syringe into the patient’s buccal cavity (the space between the inner cheek and the gums):

Epistatus 10mg in 1mL oromucosal solution midazolam (as maleate) image of closed syringe case

Pull the tamper evident tab on the side of the plastic packaging case, open it and take the syringe out.

Epistatus pre-filled syringe in open case

Do not use if the solution is not clear (e.g. if it’s cloudy or white particles are present)

Epistatus pre-filled syringe with amber sheath cap partially removed

Holding the clear finger grips, unscrew the amber sheath cap in an anti-clockwise direction.

Epistatus pre-filled syringe with amber sheath cap entirely removed

Remove the amber sheath cap and dispose of it safely.

Carer's hand gently pinchng patient's cheek to allow space for syringe

Using your finger and thumb, gently pinch and pull back the patient’s cheek. Place the tip of the syringe into the back of the space between the inside cheek and the lower gum (buccal cavity).

Carer's hand slowly administering half of solution into patient's available buccal cavity

Slowly administer approximately half of the solution to the buccal cavity on one side of the mouth, and then administer the remainder slowly to the other side, by pressing the syringe plunger until it stops. If it is particularly difficult to get the syringe into one buccal cavity, then administer the whole dose over a duration of 4-5 seconds into the other buccal cavity.

Patient's face highlighting target area where Epistatus was administered

Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of safely.

Epistatus demonstration video

Everyone who might need to administer this medication should receive training; usually this is provided by your healthcare professional. The following video may be helpful as a training aid:

“How to administer Epistatus” leaflet for patients and carers

There is also a leaflet with written instructions; this can be accessed and printed by clicking here.

Epistatus 10mg in 1mL oromucosal solution midazolam (as maleate) brand logo
10mg in 1mL Oromucosal Solution
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